The Tiny Shops are nestled within the Koha Garden
– a colourful and healthy respite from the rundown,
traffic-centred, gritty concrete grey of the Linwood Village surburban shopping strip.

It is watered and weeded regularly by volunteers and given extra love each season, through organised working bees.

The planning that has gone into this garden is remarkable. Almost every week over spring and summer a new type of flower appears – blossoming out in large splashes of colour.

The Koha Garden was designed by a team from Greening the Rubble (now known as The Green Lab) led by Horticulturalist Gina Payne.

Along with Christchurch City Council, Te Whare Roimata Trust and Greening the Rubble, there was support to establish the Koha Garden from MenzShed New Brighton and the City Mission.