As part of a range of Tiny Improvements this Spring, we put in a three bay compost bin system so that all the garden waste from our annual gardening bee could remain onsite.

In the coming Spring we will be able to harvest this compost back into the garden, leaving the bays ready for a new load from our next working bee.

Big Tiny thanks to Mike, Baz and Shannon for working with us to see this project achieved in time for the Spring Gardening Bee – where all three bays were promptly filled!

Hooray! The compost bays are finished!

Huge Tiny thanks to Mike & Shannon
and everyone else who pitched in
to build 3 compost bays at Tiny Shops
– and in time for the gardening bee this Saturday, phew!

This will both reduce our green bin waste and give us free mulch and compost to top up, feed and save water in our garden.

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