Who looks after the Village?

Any and everyone who cares to!
There are a huge number of people involved in all manner of very big and very tiny ways.

Tiny Shops Village’s volunteers, shops and events are coordinated by local community development organisation Te Whare Roimata.

Who runs the bicycle repair workshops?

ICEcycles runs a weekly repair workshop at Tiny Shops Village on Thursdays 1-3pm, led by Jonathan, Suzie & Margaret.

Who manages the garden?

The Koha Garden’s design and maintenance is a community effort.
There is a regular gardening group on Thursday mornings and a team of volunteers ensure it stays watered over the hot summer months.

Donations of soil, mulch and plants are appreciated and will be enjoyed by a whole community.

Please be in touch if you would like to be involved with its growth and maintenance. Our gardening bees are fun!

What’s that big bus that comes sometimes?

The Christchurch City Council Library Outreach bus kindly comes in with resources to support any special events we are running.

Led by Nameeta, they bring a range of resources along with books to borrow, wifi and many of the services available at the fixed libraries.

Who built that Tiny Shop?

Jonathan Hall / Variant Design, formerly of Greening the Rubble
built both Tiny Bookshop and Tiny Workshop