Around Tiny Cafe between a range of our visitors
there’s often a lot of discussion about songs –
who sung them and what was the name of the singer/band…

So we decided to test everyone’s memories
with a full-blown 1970s – 80s Movies & Music QUIZ.

Love the music and movies

of the 1970s & 80s?

Share your passion + test your memory
at our TINY QUIZ event
Wednesday July 21 – midday

at Tiny Cafe!

100 Stanmore Rd, Linwood

Thanks to everyone who came!
Hope you enjoyed the questions and the pizza!

And special thanks to Nameeta who brought a whole range of books and music on the theme, in the CCC Mobile Library.

Tiny Trivia!!

Tie a yellow ribbon round the … WHERE? *

This Wednesday
July 21 at 12 lunchtime!
1970s & 80s music + movies
is the theme!
Free to join!
Should be lots of fun!

Sang Tony Orlando & Dawn in 1973