An afternoon of music, dancing, costumes, food & fun!

Tiny 1950s & 60s Party
Last Thursday in May 2pm-5pm

Our Tiny highlight of the year, this concert attracted over 120 people of all ages, over three hours.

Two ukulele groups kicked off the concert’s first half. Next up – local DJ “Danny-Illness” got the dance floor packed, blaring out classic tunes. Scattered throughout were quickfire rounds of 1950s and 60s Music Trivia.

This party celebrated the history of the Tiny Shops site as having a special place in the memories of many older locals, having been a dancehall, and then a dance school for over 60 years, prior to the earthquakes.

Te Pūtahi Centre for Architecture and City Making was onsite to canvas locals for their stories of other sites in the neighbourhood in preparation for an upcoming Eastside Neighbourhood Walk. Christchurch City Library Outreach Bus brought their historian and a digital slideshow of old photos.

There was strong competition for best dressed with a sparkly photo-booth used to capture many of the groovy looks. Tiny Café served retro treats like cucumber sandwiches and homemade lemonade, while a vintage car and Mr Whippy added to the retro vibe, from the street.

Following the party, a group of fabulous, outlandish dances has returned each Thursday, meeting up to turn on some tunes and have a boogie.
So a Tiny Dance Party is now how we finish every Tiny Shops week!
Fitting to the history of this old site, wouldn’t you say!