During Lockdown the garden went a bit WILD!

So post-Lockdown, it’s heartening that a number of lovely green-thumbed individuals are diving in to tame the green things – keeping this space gorgeous for the whole community to enjoy!

Uncle James set himself the task to weed a section of the pathways around the raised beds and put in several hours and a lot of sweat over two days.

Gina kindly donated some surplus veggie seedlings, just as Kris showed up to weed and replant the raised beds.

We also had a visit from the very lovely Geoff who set himself the task to weed the long Tiny Shops driveway over summer – as a way to contribute to the neighbourhood, and as something to do as he waited for shoulder surgery.

Glad to hear surgery went ok. Get Well Soon Friend!

A Saturday gardening bee will be held in July, please be in touch if you’d like to be involved. Lunch will be provided.